Termination of Parental Rights

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Termination Of Parental Rights

One of the most sensitive family law issues is the termination of parental rights. If you are in need of assistance with this difficult family matter, we encourage you to secure legal representation from one of our Orange County family lawyers.

At The Law Office of Patricia A. Hendrickson, we understand how to handle the termination of parental rights with delicacy and discretion. California law allows various reasons for the dismissal of a mother’s or father’s rights. If a parent’s rights are terminated, that individual is no longer considered the child’s legal parent.


Common Reasons For Terminating Parental Rights

Termination of parental rights is an issue that frequently comes up within the process of adoption, especially those involving stepparents. With a stepparent adoption, the biological parent can either voluntarily waive his or her parental rights or the court can use various investigations to determine whether that parent is fit to retain those rights.

Termination of parental rights often takes place in circumstances where the paying party does not provide child support or abandonment is observed. Parental rights can also be terminated during a juvenile dependency court proceeding where the government becomes the legal custodian of the minor child.


Experienced Guidance From The Law Office of Patricia A. Hendrickson

Our firm has nearly 40 years of collective experience that can be put to work during your legal case. We have the ability and knowledge to handle child abandonment cases and can assist with the termination of parental rights. With the legal background and skill set necessary to help each client through the difficult issue of child support, we can be your navigational guide.

Our attorneys know the state and federal laws that regard your case and can help you prepare for this challenge ahead. The termination of parental rights is an issue that must be handled with delicacy and knowledge regarding your particular issue. Contact us today for further information.