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Child Custody: Protecting the Rights of Parents

Child custody matters can be complicated. Child custody refers to the manner in which parents will share time, rights and responsibilities regarding their children, whether the parents are divorcing or were never married.

In California, courts determine custody by assessing the best interests of the child in question. In general, the court will begin by pursuing equal rights and responsibilities between both parents without giving preference to either parent based on his or her sex. With an evaluation of each individual’s character and history, a final child custody arrangement will be made based on the primacy of the health, safety and welfare of the child or children.


Fighting For Custodial Rights In Orange County

When making a child custody order, California courts will evaluate the living arrangements that the child will have in each circumstance to determine what is in his or her best interests. If the child is of sufficient age and capacity to reasonably form and voice a preference as to custody, his or her wishes can also be factored into the court’s determination.

At The Law Office of Patricia A. Hendrickson, our Orange County family lawyers are sensitive to the emotional challenges parents experience during difficult times. We recognize that child custody is a primary point of contention for many divorcing couples. Our legal team’s experience, dedication and responsiveness can be beneficial to your case. We are here to help you resolve your custody matter.


What Options Do I Have?

During a free case evaluation, we can determine what options are available regarding custody of your children, as well as visitation and related matters. We can discuss your rights, the related laws and the expected legal process to prepare you for the road ahead. If you are pursuing mediation or collaborative law methods in your divorce, we can help ensure that your child’s best interest is protected as custody is determined.

When litigation appears to be the most advantageous option, our attorneys can help you articulate your wishes to the court. During each stage of a child custody case, we protect your rights and pursue the most favorable result.


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