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Asset Protection

As you pursue divorce or are served with divorce papers, asset protection should be at the forefront of your mind. During a family law dispute, you want to ensure that your property is safeguarded from the other party. Small business owners and those with sizeable assets must take extra precaution to protect their interests if a termination of divorce takes place.

Even if when divorce is not expected, protecting what belongs to you is important. At Hendrickson Cooper Hughes, our Huntington Beach divorce attorneys can help you protect your assets in the event of divorce.


Establishing A Trust

When property division occurs in a California divorce case, property owned by one individual prior to the marriage is considered separate property. Trusts will also be placed in the “separate property” category if established prior to the marriage. Assets can be managed and interests can be protected through the establishment of a trust. Business owners who seek to protect their holdings should schedule a free consultation with our firm to assess what actions should be taken toward asset protection.

As you prepare to become united to another individual in marriage or a registered domestic partnership, we encourage you to protect your assets to avoid unnecessary complication in the case of divorce.


Get Help From Experienced Divorce Lawyers In Orange County, California

As you or your spouse contemplate terminating the marriage, divorce planning can take place to effectively protect your assets. Asset protection is important because of the possible lawsuits that could arise. Our firm can help you create an asset protection plan that encompasses everything necessary to preserve your wealth. We can discuss the various options available to effectively protect what belongs to you.

Whether our situation involves financial, medical, tax or business planning, we can guide you in the right direction.


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