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Business Asset Division

All businesspeople want to see their efforts come to fruition. Nobody wants to suffer loss or give up opportunities. Yet in many divorces, the fear of losing business assets and other property is a very real concern. We understand this anxiety.


Protecting Your Interests | Protecting Your Assets

At Hendrickson Cooper Hughes, based in Orange County, our attorneys provide results-driven divorce representation to men and women with significant business holdings. We can help you protect what you have worked for. Our clients include entrepreneurs, small-business owners and stakeholders in professional practices.

Equipped with deep experience in the area of property distribution, our firm can help you address:

The separation of community property (marital property) and separate property in divorce

  • The need for accurate business valuation
  • Legal needs related to commercial real estate and investment property
  • The complexities of family-business dynamics
  • The division of a business you built with your spouse
  • Factors that affect people with high-net-worth in divorce
  • Issues that should be evaluated by accountants or other professionals
  • Wealth preservation strategies for the future
  • Hidden assets and fraud


We are business owners, not just family law attorneys. If we represent you, we will protect your rights and interests as you navigate the divorce process.


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