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Representation from Hendrickson Cooper Hughes can provide you with the protection and assistance you need throughout your family law case. As we represent our clients, we use the principles of teamwork, dependability and engagement every step of the way. Allow us to assist you through this life-altering journey to protect you and help you achieve the best possible result for your case. We can be the shield you need against your opposition to safeguard your rights. Our attorneys and staff understand California’s laws regarding divorce and know the requirements necessary for mediation or counseling. We can help you explore every possible solution to your family law problems.

Our Orange County family law attorneys offer strong legal guidance for cases that involve any of the following matters:



Adoption is the process of establishing a legal parental relationship between a child and an adult. Once an adoption has concluded, the adoptive parents hold all legal rights and responsibilities of a biological parent.


Asset Protection

As you pursue a divorce, our firm can perform asset protection to safeguard your assets from liabilities. In California, a homestead exemption is offered from $50,000 to $150,000 to protect equity within your home from creditors. During asset protection planning, we can help you protect the wealth that you have spent your life earning and obtaining.


Child Custody

Prior to determining a child custody order, California courts will take many factors into consideration, including but not limited to, the best interests of the child, any history of domestic violence, and the child’s wishes if he or she is of sufficient age and capacity to voice a preference.


Child Support

Child support refers to the ongoing and consistent payments made by one parent to another for the benefit of the child. California’s guidelines for child support are used to estimate the amount of financial support the noncustodial parent will give to the other in a divorce case.



Divorce refers to the legal termination of a marriage. As you seek the dissolution of your marriage, or if you have been served divorce papers, our firm can help you fight for your rights and determine the best solution to your case.


Divorce Planning

Many steps must be taken as you plan to file for divorce. We can help you engage in divorce planning to ensure that you will arrive at an outcome that enhances your future. With a plan in place, your divorce can be less expensive, less time consuming and less stressful for all individuals involved.


Domestic Violence

If you are charged with a domestic violence offense or need protection from a domestic abuser, our family law attorneys can provide you with the necessary information and guidance to defend your parental rights and/or handle matters pertaining to orders of protection.


Fathers’ Rights

In many divorce and family law cases, the protection of fathers’ rights is essential to ensure that all terms are fairly decided and are in the best interest of the child. Even though California courts no longer favor the mother and view both parties as equal, a father may require protection of his rights.



Two types of guardianship exist in California. The first is when a child is removed from the home by a Child Protective Services social worker and is placed in a licensed home until court actions conclude. The other type involves cases in which the child lives with his or her guardian, often an individual who is a family member.


Grandparents’ Rights

As a grandparent involved in your child’s divorce case, you may need a knowledgeable lawyer to protect your right to maintain a relationship with your grandchild. Before pursuing any legal action involving your grandchild or grandchildren, you should understand the laws pertaining to the rights of people whose family members are divorcing.


Hidden Assets and Fraud

If you do not have clear and complete knowledge of your spouse’s assets, you must be extra cautious to protect your claim to a fair share of the marital property. During property division, we can help ensure that all assets are investigated, hidden assets are uncovered, and that marital fraud does not take place.


High Net Worth Divorce

Divorce proceedings involving a married couple with a high net worth are often more complex than an average divorce case. If you are facing a high net worth divorce, you can benefit from the knowledge of an experienced lawyer.


Legal Separation

Legal separation is similar to divorce in that the current spouses’ lives become legally separated. Legal separation does not, however, end a marriage or domestic partnership. Many of the same processes as for divorce must be undergone for a legal separation to be obtained.



Divorce mediation is a process that can be used to negotiate and resolve family law issues to terminate a marriage without the stress associated with court proceedings. Terms of divorce, such as visitation, property division and child support, are decided during the creation of a mutually beneficial divorce agreement.


Modification of Orders

Even after a divorce, terms of the separation can be modified. If a life change has occurred, such as a job loss, our firm can help you pursue modification of spousal support, child support, or existing visitation orders. Prior to taking actions on your own, you must have the modification approved by the court.



Paternity refers to the biological identity and genealogical descent of a man and his child. When establishing paternity, the biological relationship between a father and a child is assessed. Paternity cases can be initiated by a mother, father or a personal representative of the child.


Property Division

Property and asset division are either established between parties who sign a marital settlement agreement or by the superior court within the final judgment of dissolution of marriage. In California, community property is divided at the time of divorce and all community assets are equally split by the court unless an agreement is reached by the divorcing parties.


Registered Domestic Partnerships

Registered domestic partners in California enjoy almost all rights available to married couples under the state law. To become a registered domestic partnership, the individuals must meet all state requirements. These partnerships provide most of the same benefits of marriage.



When a custodial parent must relocate for an occupational, familial or health reason, the court may approve the move-away request. One of the most critical factors assessed is that of the child’s best interest. Move-away laws are complex and involve many factors that can affect the case outcome.


Restraining Orders

Restraining orders, also called protective orders, are court guidelines that protect an individual from being abused by another person. Restraining orders can come in the form of personal conduct orders, stay-away orders or residence exclusion.


Spousal Support/Alimony

One spouse may be ordered to pay the other spouse a certain amount of money during and/or after a legal separation or divorce is finalized. Spousal support, also called alimony, is a complex legal family law issue and calculation that may require the experienced assistance of our firm.


Termination of Parental Rights

Termination of a parent’s rights can commence if the court determines that he or she is unfit to parent. If this court order is successful, the legal parent-child relationship will be dissolved and adoption can be pursued.



Visitation, or parenting time, is often granted to the noncustodial parent during and after divorce. Visitation, whether established through mediation or litigation, is primarily based on the best interest of the child.


Hendrickson Cooper Hughes Can Help

California is a no-fault divorce state, which means that the spouse who requests the divorce is not required to present an argument against his or her spouse. Whatever side of the divorce case you are on or whatever family law issue you are dealing with, our Orange County divorce lawyers have the experience, loyalty and ability to help you through each aspect of your case. We encourage you to obtain a free case evaluation in person or over the phone before filing so that we can help you craft a strong approach to your case.

With common sense and an extensive knowledge of the law, we offer the legal guidance your case requires. Our lawyers recognize that each client’s case is unique; therefore, a personalized approach is required for a successful result to be accomplished. At Hendrickson Cooper Hughes, all of our methods are customized after we obtain the facts through the initial consultation. We can tailor your strategy based on the level of contention between you and your family members and the details of the dispute.


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