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Legal Separation Attorneys

Legal separations are distinct from, yet similar to, divorce. As an alternative to entirely dissolving a marriage, legal separation can be used to create new boundaries in a relationship or help a couple explore options prior to proceeding with a divorce.

At Hendrickson Cooper Hughes, our clients select the option of legal separation rather than divorce for various reasons. Legal separations are sought for the following purposes:

  • Adherence to religious requirements
  • Maintenance of a combined insurance plan
  • Trial separation in hopes of reconciliation
  • Waiting period before divorce
  • Preservation of tax benefits
  • Social Security/pension benefits

As you pursue legal separation, keep in mind that you may still encounter the formalities associated with divorce. A lawyer from our firm can be your guide throughout this process to help you accomplish your desired goals.


Important Considerations For A Legal Separation

In a legal separation proceeding, you must make determinations regarding spousal support and property division. When children are involved, you will also encounter the issues of child custody, child support and visitation rights. Your life will still be intertwined through the relationship of your child or children. Whether your legal separation is acting as a trial run for divorce or you view it as the beginning stage of divorce, we can help you negotiate a reasonable and beneficial separation agreement.

As a legally binding contract, a separation agreement deals with all aspects of separation, including child support and visitation issues. As your Orange County legal separation lawyer, our firm can help you make final decisions on the important aspects of this split. As you face the formalities of a legal separation, from filing the petition to a final judgment, we can ensure that your rights are safeguarded.


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