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Property Division In Divorce

Property and debt division is a section of family law that is often complex and prone to dispute during divorce. As you discuss the distribution of your marital property, that which has been purchased throughout the course of the marriage, you should gain a clear understanding of the California laws.

Prior to filing your property distribution paperwork, you should ensure that our Huntington Beach divorce attorneys have evaluated the documents to avoid error. Property is divided at the termination of marriage when the court has set forth the final formal order of your divorce. Be prepared for this stage by securing the legal assistance your case requires.


Community Property In California

Property refers to that which can be bought or sold and that which has any value. California is a community property state, which means that two married or registered domestic partner individuals are viewed as one community. Property that is acquired during that marriage or domestic partnership is considered “community property.”

In the same manner, debt which is acquired during that time is considered “community debt.” Each piece of property, earning or debt that is obtained within the marriage will be divided at the conclusion of the marriage. With California’s status as a community-property state, property will be divided equally between the spouses or partners based on the judge’s perception of what is equal.


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At Hendrickson Cooper Hughes, we represent spouses and registered domestic partners in divorce cases to settle disputes associated with property distribution. Each of our Orange County property division lawyers has the experience to properly handle the complex elements of these cases. For people navigating a high net worth divorce, their case has added difficulties that will require the close guidance of our firm.

We can closely analyze each individual’s unique situation to determine what must be divided and how the distribution can fairly be accomplished. Contact our firm today to schedule a free consultation!