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Information About Mediation In California

At Hendrickson Cooper Hughes, we strive to help our clients resolve their differences through the mediation services we offer. When you want to avoid the stress, high costs and time-consuming procedures associated with litigation, we encourage you to evaluate the option of mediation.

If you are curious about whether mediation is an option for your case, schedule a free case evaluation with our firm. Our Huntington Beach divorce attorneys can answer your mediation questions, such as the ones below.


How is mediation conducted?

Divorce mediation can be accomplished through a divorce mediation lawyer who acts as a neutral third party to assist the divorcing couple through the process of determining such factors as asset division and child custody. As your attorney, we can represent you and conduct negotiations with your spouse. This process is conducted in a peaceful manner with the goal of reaching an amicable and mutually beneficial resolution.


What is the mediation process?

The mediation process is informal but well defined. It begins with a welcome and introduction of all parties involved. The mediator will then ask for statements from all parties as an opportunity for them to tell their sides of the story. After all parties have spoken, the mediator can ask questions to clarify the statements. Separate discussions may then take place so that the mediator can propose solutions and achieve a settlement. To conclude, the mediator finds points of agreement between the parties to reach an agreement.


What are the advantages?

The main benefits of mediation are that it saves time, energy and money. If your mediation is successful, the formal court process can be avoided, which decreases the time spent finalizing the divorce. It is a confidential process that ensures a fair outcome to all concerned. As long as you can arrive at a resolution with your spouse without much contention, mediation can work to your advantage.


Who performs mediation?

As your Orange County divorce attorney, a lawyer from our team can help you with mediation in various ways depending on the type of mediation service requested. As a neutral third party, we offer trained divorce mediation assistance to facilitate the dissolution of your marriage. Our role in mediation is to help you navigate each term of divorce and provide services to support your best interests.


Orange County Divorce Lawyer

If you are interested in receiving our mediation services, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation with one of our lawyers. Mediation carries many advantages that can encourage stronger relationships in the future.

Your mediator or Orange County divorce attorney can help you expedite your divorce, save a substantial amount of money and preserve relationships. With nearly 40 years of combined experience, we have the ability to help you successfully dissolve your marriage. Contact us today.