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Divorce does not have to be a contentious process. California supports no-fault divorce, meaning one side does not have to prove the other is at fault to obtain a divorce. If you and your spouse are in agreement about how your property should be divided and, if you have children, how to co-parent them after your divorce, the process can be less time-consuming, less stressful and less costly.

At Hendrickson Cooper Hughes, based in Huntington Beach, our lawyers tailor our legal representation to fit your needs. We do not seek to create conflict where none needs to exist. Rather, we will help you seek an efficient resolution of your divorce so you and your soon-to-be ex can move on with your lives. Call 714-362-2413 for a free initial consultation.


How Can I Obtain An Uncontested Divorce In California?

One way to obtain an uncontested divorce is using alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation. In a mediated divorce, you and your spouse would not hire separate attorneys to represent your interests. The mediator would not represent either side, but would instead help you reach an agreement on all of the issues of your divorce. Our attorneys will then draft all of the legal documents you need to present to the family court.

If you and your spouse each hire an attorney, then your divorce is contested by definition. However, if you and your spouse hire lawyers who are willing to work together to reach a settlement, then your divorce can be less contested. In addition, you and your spouse could use a mediator to help you reach an agreement on any issues that keep you from reaching a settlement — rather than resorting to litigation.

By tailoring our legal representation to your needs and your goals, we can help you obtain a divorce that leaves your finances and emotions as intact as possible.


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