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Paternity is the biological relationship of a father to his child and paternity actions can be taken to determine a child’s biological father. In some cases, paternity is difficult to determine because, unlike maternity, it is not always established at birth. In marriage relationships, paternity is generally assumed at birth, but out-of-wedlock cases are more complex.

Paternity of a father can be challenged in some cases, which can result in legal actions to be taken that threaten the presumed father’s rights and relationship with the child. In divorce cases, paternity will affect child custody, visitation, child support, and other issues involving the children.


Understanding Paternity Actions

Various family law issues may require the testing of a man’s paternity with a child. Mothers wishing to acquire child support can pursue paternity tests to obtain the financial assistance necessary to raise the child. Fathers can also pursue paternity actions to preserve visitation or custodial rights with their children.

As a father or mother pursuing paternity actions, our Huntington Beach legal team at Hendrickson Cooper Hughes can provide you with the resources to help you achieve the proper outcome. We can stand by your side throughout the case until the issue is resolved and your rights are given to you.


How Is Paternity Established?

No matter what the cause of the paternity action, our firm can help you pursue your rights during a family law case. Courts can order a paternity test to determine the fatherhood of the child in discussion. If your rights are being questioned, you can take the issue to the court so that a test can be administered.

Paternity tests can establish the biological relationship or lack of a biological relationship between a man and a child. As you pursue the protection of your rights, we encourage you to take actions to assess paternity. Contact us today.